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Know the best alternatives for your trip around Patagonia.

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Border crossing permission to Chile


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We are a family business and, for this reason, we provide personalized attention to our customers. We want to make your stay more comfortable by supplying security and confidence to your journey in the area we were born, inside the country and in neighbouring countries as well.

Fleet of cars

We have the additional equipment you need to be comfortable and safe on your trip


Ahora 12

Pay instalments and start enjoying your trip!

7 x 6

Travel around Patagonia for a week paying only 6 days!

30% Discount

Drop off Trelew-Calafate

100% Discount

Travel around Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia with a 100% of discount on the Border Crossing permission.


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Trelew’s Airport

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We drop-off and pick-up vehicles
in lodgings and hotels. Ask for our
drop-off and pick-up services in
other parts of the country.