Terms and conditions


On both occasions, the parties will verify mileage and fuel load according to the factory indicators, to apply additional charges, if applicable.

If the Technical and Mechanical Department of the “Hirer” verifies any missing or damage that cannot be seen at plain sight, the “Customer” might be notified of such circumstances and be required for the payment. The same procedure will be applied in the case the vehicle is reinstated off business hours, even if damages can be observed at plain sight.

  • Any fine and/or sanction – whatever its origin – that the hirer is claimed for violation of Argentine law.
  • Any damage caused to goods and / or injuries caused to third parties.
  • The passengers will not be considered third parties by the “hirer” and, in case it receives any claim on their hand and/or their insurance companies and/or medical providers, they might summon the “customer” to meet the claim.
  • All damage, loss, subtraction, robbery, theft, missing, breakage, etc., that, the vehicle suffers, regardless of the cause.
  • Any loss or subtraction of objects that are inside the vehicle.
  • All costs derived from the rendering of the vehicle useless, lost profits, towing, transfer, mechanical assistance, etc. originated in the breach of its obligations.

The “customer” expressly authorises the “hirer” to debit from his credit card and/or to issue a bill to his current account:
(I) The amount claimed for fines and / or penalties issued by the competent authority;
(II) Damages and missing (whatever their origin, hidden or not) that were found after the return of the vehicle or if it was delivered after hours to the public (via mailbox);
(III) Charges generated for delivering after hours, etc.

The “customer” also agrees to debit the administrative and/or professional costs that such breaches cause to the hirer.

The client may not use the vehicle:

  • As transport – for payment or free of charge – of people and/or things, or to transport things forbidden by current regulations, or flammable or dangerous equipment, etc.
  • To tow or push vehicles or own or third-party equipment.
  • To participate in events of any kind and nature, such as races, tests, sports competitions, driving lessons, rally roadmaps, etc.

The driver will refrain from:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs of any kind-prescribed or not- alcohol or any substance that could affect his driving capability or, with more passengers than those indicated by the manufacturer;
  • moving the vehicle outside the Argentine Republic without prior express authorization of the “tenant”;

The client must:

  • Return the vehicle – and all the documentation that is handed in- at the agreed time and place unless expressly authorized otherwise by the “tenant”.
  • Respect the speed limits and driving rules following the regulations of national laws and/or the jurisdiction (s) where he travels.
  • Immediately notify any accident and/or precautionary measure (seizure, retention, etc.) that falls on the vehicle, and must comply with the instructions that, opportunely, indicated by the “tenant” personnel.
  • In case of accident, the client must make the police report and/or civil report if applicable, complete and sign the form to submit to the insurer – providing all the information required- and provide the necessary aid for the best defence the rights of the “hirer”.
  • Notify the existence of an additional driver at the time of subscription. If he wishes to incorporate it later, he must require prior authorization from the “hirer”.
  • Inform the mentioned driver on each one of the commitments agreed with “hirer” and let him know that both will be jointly and mutually liable for all obligations and burdens agreed.
  • In case the “Client” was a legal entity or civil association, the client should indicate the person (one or more) authorized to drive the vehicle.
  • Submit a credit card with sufficient funds available to cover the amount of damages to his charge.

If you take the “Protection against damage and theft” service, the damages to your charge will be reduced from the value specified in the “Rental Document” and in the present document.

If you take the “Personal accident coverage”, you should check the maximum reimbursement in force and according to the terms and conditions you receive. The assistance and service are outsourced and will be provided under the terms and conditions established by the provider, exempting the “hirer” from any responsibility for the actions taken by that company.

If you take the “Coverage for the theft of personal effects”, you should consult the maximum reimbursement in force and according to the terms and conditions you receive.

Out of term payment of obligations or ignorance of the charges made on your credit card or the invoices that are sent to you originated in the obligations assumed in this document will give right to the “hirer” to claim the debt owed plus an additional monthly penalty interest for late payment, equivalent to twice the active rate of the Bank of the Argentine Nation for discount operations, as well as all the expenses and costs, judicial or extrajudicial that have accrued as a result of their breach.

Perform by itself or by who it designates the maintenance and mechanical repairs required by the vehicle.

Submit the required documentation to travel.

Hire civil liability insurance according to current regulations in the field.

If the “Client” terminates the location in advance, he must pay the “hirer” the entire amount of the rental originally agreed.

The limitation of damages agreed in the rental document and in the present instrument will be invalidated when the damages presented by the vehicle:

  • Were originated in the lack of skill, fault, negligence, intent, serious breach of the obligations assumed by contract, etc., of the “Client” and the authorized driver.
  • Occurred when being driven by previously unauthorized drivers and even if they had an enabling record.
  • Occurred while circulating on gravel roads, affirmed, not paved or closed to traffic by competent authority.
  • The “Client” or the driver authorized to subscribe refused to report the accident to the insurer or would have incurred in conduct that exempts the one from providing coverage under the insurance law.
  • The client would refuse to endorse the conditions of the vehicle when returning it. The damage would have occurred on the occasion of the vehicle being held by a competent authority due to the unlawful conduct of the “Client” and the authorized driver. In all cases where the limitation of damages is not effective, the “Client” must also pay the lost profit.

The hirer may terminate the location with cause when he finds serious breaches by the “Client” or authorized driver. In this case, the hirer must send a reliable notification to the address reported by the “Client”. It will be valid as of 24 hours after its issue and regardless of the reception or not of it. The non-return of the vehicle will be considered misappropriation.

The non-return of the vehicle after the agreed term will be considered, without the need for any prior requirement, undue retention in terms of the criminal legislation. The “Hirer” will then be able to initiate the corresponding criminal and/or civil actions and to claim damages and/or profit, etc., until the effective restitution of the vehicle.

The PARTIES-when the hirer is GERMANO SAS- agree that for all legal effects that may arise from the leasing made, they are subject to the jurisdiction of the Ordinary National Courts with a seat in the City of Trelew – the province of Chubut with express waiver to any other jurisdiction. If the hirer was an authorized license – and GERMANO S.A.S. not be cited as a third party and/or defendant – the competent Courts will be the Ordinary Provincials Courts at the place of hiring. In all cases, the PARTIES expressly waive the Federal Court and / or any other jurisdiction that may correspond by reason of domicile, nationality, etc., being applicable, in all cases, the law in force in the Argentine Republic, being Valid notifications that are sent in the addresses informed in this instrument – those that will be considered “constituted” – and even if they were not received by the recipient.



Replacement of the car due to mechanical breakdowns, or accident (at the discretion of the company.)

Immediately in any of our offices from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Within 24 to 72 hours outside our offices or office hours.

Replacement the cars are subject to available reservations and may have the same, similar or different characteristics as the originally rented.

Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance according to the legislation in force in the Republic of Argentina: damage to untranslated persons or third parties. It covers damages to third parties transported except family members until the third degree of consanguinity or affinity of the driver. It does not cover the driver.

Mechanical assistance and towing 24 hours (outsourced service).

  • Fuel
  • Transit taxes
  • Surpluses – additional charges
  • Tolls
  • Damage, theft and / or rollover.

The customer must return the vehicle in the same conditions in which it was delivered except for the natural wear caused by its correct use. The client will also be responsible for any damage the vehicle will present (regardless of the cause) or for its theft and/or rollover.

The Company limits that responsibility (except, negligence, intent, gross fault, or allowing a person not previously authorized by the Company to drive the unit) by establishing maximum ceilings according to the following information:

Car group: A – B – C – D – E

Maximum damage/theft limit: AR$ 90,000

Maximum rollover limit: AR$ 180,000

It applies all year for all categories of vehicles A – B – C – D and E. As for the rest of the categories, it applies in the period compressed between the last 15 days of the current year and the first 2 days of the following year.

A No show charge equivalent to 25% of the rental value will be charged plus 1.2% of the before-mentioned value (recovery of bank debit and credit tax) if the client does not show up to remove the vehicle as requested in the reservation. If a cancellation is made more than 24 (working) hours in advance, no No Show policy will be charged.

At the time of taking the car, the driver must present the following documentation: ID if he is Argentine or has residence at Argentina, otherwise, he will present a valid passport or document from Mercosur, a valid driver’s license in the country of residence and valid for the type of vehicle that is rented and, credit card to the satisfaction of the Company.

An international license will be required for licenses NOT written in the Roman alphabet. The international driver’s license will be valid if it is displayed together with the current license from the country of origin. The license must be at least one year old (does not apply for renewals).

Minimum Age: 21 years.

Additional Driver: It has no cost.

American Express, MasterCard or, Visa.

Credit cards must be issued by a bank or American Express directly.

The presentation of a credit card accepted by the Company will be required. The authorization will be requested for an amount similar to that established by the client in the case of returning the unit with damage or if it was stolen and/or robbed. This amount will be blocked as a guarantee. If there is no available margin, the vehicle will not be rented.

The Company will charge the customer for the missing fuel with an additional service charge in case it does not return the rented vehicle with the same amount of fuel it had at the time it was removed.

The client will accept in accordance that the damages and/or missing detailed by Company personnel in the vehicle return certificate are correct when returned after hours to the public (mailbox) or – within that schedule – when not wait for that the revision. Likewise, the client expressly accepts that the corresponding debits applied according to the terms of the location. In this case, it can only be exempted from liability if it proves reliably that said damages and/or missing ones did not exist at the time of the return. Likewise, the client expressly accepts that the corresponding debits applied according to the terms of the location. In this case, it can only be exempted from liability if it proves reliably that said damages and/or missing ones did not exist at the time of the return.


In case of cancellations or modifications that alter the original amount pre-paid by a smaller one, a charge equivalent to 35% of the amount to be reimbursed will be charged. If the client made the cancellation and/or modification at least 7 days in advance, the aforementioned percentage will be replaced by AR$ 500.00 under the concept of administrative expenses. In any of the aforementioned cases, the value of 1.2% on the difference to be reimbursed will also be discounted under the concept of recovery of bank debit and credit tax.


All reservations with a confirmation number, have a tolerance to pick up the vehicle, one hour according to the agreed schedule or until the office closes (whichever comes first). Reservations at airports whose flight are delayed, have an hour of tolerance (once the flight has arrived) to remove the vehicle even if the office is already closed. To confirm. With additional charges.


If the customer has a confirmed reservation and must cancel that rental, they must inform the Company as early as possible. In this way, the Company can dispose of it and thus rationalize its resources to continue offering a better service.


This policy applies to all reservations confirmed with withdrawal from the vehicle after working hours that are not cancelled at least 8 hours in advance. A No show charge equivalent to 1 day of the rental value booked on the credit card informed by the customer will be charged. For Reservations made by customers who have a Current Account, the value will be billed therein.

The vehicle must be returned in an office of the Argentine Republic without exception.

If the vehicle stops working for whatever reason, it will be the responsibility of the client to move it to the Argentine Republic.

If the vehicle is returned in an office other than the place where it was rented, an additional charge will apply. See charge “return in another office”.

Reservations with a crossing of border intention do not have automatic confirmation. They must be previously confirmed by the rental office; otherwise, the vehicle will not have permission. The border crossing charge is not included in the total online reservation and, payment will be made at the time of opening the rental contract.


A 7 working days reservation beforehand. Mention the crossing of border intention at the time of booking. In the “Comments field” the intention of the crossing must be completed indicating to which country and in the contact field the telephone number or e-mail address to be able to confirm to the client that the permission of the crossing has been approved.

We inform that the crossing from Tierra del Fuego to the continent (or vice versa) is made through Chile.

In case of cancellation of the reservation with less than 48 business hours in advance, the cost of the crossing will not be refundable.

Important: Prices are expressed in Argentine pesos and include taxes. All published information is subject to change without notice.

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